Significant reduction of turnaround times and prices for genetic diagnostics

CeGaT reduces the turnaround time to a few weeks and decreases the prices for genetic diagnostics. Additionally CeGaT introduces a new comprehensive support service for the selection of genetic diagnostic tests.

This reduction was accomplished due to process improvement in all areas at CeGaT. The high quality of the medical reports will not be affected. Single gene testing will be performed within two to four weeks. Turnaround time for panel and exome analyses was cut back to four to six weeks. Another benefit of the process improvement is a radical price reduction of panel and exome diagnostics.

Managing Director Dirk Biskup expresses his excitement about this development. “We recognize that genetic analyses are an indispensable part of the daily diagnostic routine. Therefore, we made great efforts reduce prices and deliver, as a matter of routine, the medical report to the treating physician within a few weeks.”

In addition to reducing the turnaround times, CeGaT now offers even more support in the selection of the most suitable diagnostic method for the clinical symptoms. For this purpose, a diagnostic support team ( has been introduced which will answer all questions of the treating physician as well as questions concerning the medical report.

Sequencing services expanded to include transcriptome sequencing

CeGaT has expanded our sequencing services to include transcriptome sequencing, also known as transcriptomics. This method is valuable for both basic and clinical research.
Using transcriptome sequencing, the whole RNA content of a biological sample can be detected and quantified. It is helpful for the following objectives:

  • Analysis of differential gene expression
  • Detection of alternative splicing
  • Detection of novel transcripts

The protocol can be adapted to the desired application and the sample limitations. For example, the low-input protocol needs only 1 ng RNA or 200 cells for the analysis to be performed.

For further information regarding transcriptome sequencing, please visit the transcriptome analysis section.

For the official launch of this service, we offer transcriptome sequencing at a special price of EUR 3.990 for 3 groups with 3 biological replicates and respective bioinformatics analysis (VAT not included) until the end of October 2015*.
* when receiving RNA (min. 1 µg RNA, RIN>8), the sequencing mode is 1x 50 bp, with an average output of 30 M/sample, and a processing time of 6-8 weeks

CeGaT expands diagnostic services: Introduction of Array-CGH in routine diagnostics

As from now CeGaT offers the detection of genomic micro aberrations using microarray / Array-CGH. In comparison to the classical analysis of chromosomes this novel methode reaches a 100-fold improved resolution. Besides exome sequencing the analysis with Array-CGH is the favored method for patients with unclear mental retardation, showing dysmorphological characteristics, with autism related disorders or with multiple innate abnormalities.
Array-CGH analysis is a useful method for the following investigations:

  • Exact characterization of aberrations detected using classical cytogenetics
  • Verification of aberrations that appear to be balanced
  • Characterization of genomic rearrangements
  • Additional analysis of molecular genetic processes (e.g. secondary characterization of MLPA results, validation of NGS results)

We recommend to clarify the assumption of costs with your health insurance. If needed, we provide you with a detailed estimation of costs. For European customers billing via the E112 form is also possible.

Besides the use in human genetic routine diagnostics CeGaT offers the development of specific Array-CGH-assays for the detection of deletions and duplications in selected gene regions with high resolutions.

For further information, please visit the section Array-CGH.

Non-invasive prenatal tests available by Cenata

Since the beginning of May 2015 the non-invasive prenatal test HarmonyTM is being performed in Germany by Cenata GmbH. Cenata GmbH was founded jointly by Labor Enders, CeGaT GmbH and Prof. Dr. Hinrichsen. The HarmonyTM test reliably detects the most common chromosomal disorders in unborn children.

Maternal blood already contains not only genetic information of the mother but also genetic information of the child from an early phase of pregnancy. This so-called “cell-free fetal DNA” (cffDNA) can be investigated for the presence of chromosomal disorders in the unborn child (e.g. trisomy 21 – “Down syndrome”) using the HarmonyTM test. All that is needed is a blood sample from the mother.

The advantages of the HarmonyTM prenatal test at a glance:

  • excellent detection rate of 99.7% for trisomy 21
  • very low false positive rate of 0.06% for trisomy 21
  • excellent clinical validation, e.g. the to date biggest clinical NIPT study with 18,955 patients
  • attractive price: 399 euros for trisomy 21, 18, 13
  • short throughput time of 4-6 working days
  • no restrictions on account of a heparin treatment

Further information about the HarmonyTM test and the test procedure can be found on the website of Cenata GmbH .

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Updated order forms

We have updated our order forms for you. In addition to a new design, for your convenience it is now possible to fill out a form on your computer rather than by hand, save it and print it.

To do so, save the appropriate form to your local computer as a PDF, and then open it.

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