CeGaT offer most comprehensive Diagnostics of Tumors

CeGaT has developed a panel for the detection of somatic mutations in cancer. More than 550 state of the art genes relevant for cancer have been selected to create the most comprehensive NGS cancer gene panel available. Somatic mutations are detected by comparing the sequences of tumor and normal tissue. A very high coverage allows the detection of mutations even in tumor subclones or in samples with low tumor content. Knowledge of somatic mutations helps to select an individual therapy to improve the response rate and reduce side effects.

Simultaneously CeGaT has updated the hereditary cancer panels, adding new genes and new panels. Beside the panels for colon cancer, breast and ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, pheochromocytoma and tumor syndromes there are now panels for renal cell cancer, pancreatic cancer, familial melanoma and the tumor associated syndromes Xeroderma Pigmentosum and Fanconi Anemia.

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