CeGaT wins “Hidden Champion” prize in category “Innovation”

CeGaT wins the 2015 n-tv mid-size business award “Hidden Champion” in the category “Innovation”.

At yesterday’s n-tv “Hidden Champion” award ceremony in Frankfurt, the biotechnology company CeGaT won the “Innovation” category for mid-sized businesses. The prize was awarded for CeGaT’s development of an innovative and entirely new molecular diagnostic procedure, which makes it possible to quickly and affordably map the human genome and identify genetic defects. Managing Director Dr. Dirk Biskup and Barbara van Eijck were pleased to receive the award.

This is the fifth time the news channel n-tv has held these awards, meant to highlight little-known mid-sized companies that contribute to the strong German economic engine. Applications were accepted from owner-managed companies headquartered in Germany with a minimum of 30 staff, and a jury of experts and a high-caliber board of trustees evaluated the entries based upon their submissions and proposals.

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