Identification of HLA I and II Alleles Using Next-Generation Sequencing

CeGaT has updated and expanded its HLA typing portfolio. In addition to HLA class I genes, HLA class II genes are now also analyzed via exome sequencing in a single workflow. This makes CeGaT’s updated HLA typing portfolio not only more comprehensive but also more time- and cost-efficient. Our flexible HLA service options thus create the optimal basis for your clinical or scientific questions.

The human leukocyte antigen (HLA) system comprises six classical HLA genes (class I HLA-A, -B and -C and class II HLA-DRB1, -DQB1 and -DPB1). These genes are responsible for the specific immune response in humans. The analysis of the HLA classes allows:

  • the verification of the individual response to drug therapy, including pharmacogenetics,
  • the HLA assignment of donor-recipient pairs for transplantation or
  • providing important information for cancer immunotherapy.

Furthermore, the HLA region is known to be associated with more than 100 multifactorial, complex diseases mainly of inflammatory and autoimmune pathogenesis. Next-generation sequencing-based HLA analysis helps you find out more about the functions and complex interactions of the HLA system. Discover our HLA typing portfolio and reap the benefits of rapid and accurate HLA allele identification:

CeGaT’s HLA-Classic service includes the analysis of high molecular weight DNA with a defined output of 6 Gb. All HLA class I and II genes are analyzed via exome sequencing in a single workflow. The data obtained includes not only the exome but also the mitochondrial genome (Twist Bioscience). 

CeGaT’s HLA-Flex service is feasible even with flexible DNA quality or quantity. The sequencing result can be adapted to your requirements and defined accordingly.

Our sequencing service provides reliable and accurate insights into HLA types and includes all steps from DNA extraction to data analysis. We are looking forward to discussing all options with you and supporting you in planning your clinical study or research project.  Benefit from our many years of expertise in the diagnostic field, our strict quality standards, and our practical knowledge.

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