Liquid Biopsies – Utilize the Potential of cfDNA with CeGaT’s New NGS-based Product Portfolio

CeGaT expands its Liquid Biopsy product portfolio with two UMI (Unique Molecular Identifier) based NGS analyses. Our broad Liquid Biopsy product portfolio offers a suitable approach for every clinical or research question. CeGaT`s LB Focus panel detects variants known to be driver mutations in 36 genes relevant to a broad spectrum of tumor entities. LB Exploratory includes the analysis of 523 genes using Illumina’s TSO500 ctDNA assay. Both products allow for highly sensitive detection of variants present in the circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA), with a sensitivity of up to 0.25% and 0.5% NAF (novel allele frequency), respectively.

The minimally invasive analysis of a tumor’s genetic profile is called liquid biopsy. The blood sample collection required for this purpose can be performed in an uncomplicated and repeatable manner. Furthermore, circulating cell-free DNA (cfDNA) has a very short half-life and, consequently, always reflects the current state of the disease. Liquid biopsies thus present an ideal way of complementing or even replacing tissue-based molecular genetic tumor diagnostics.

There are various feasible applications for the clinical use of liquid biopsies:

  • Monitoring treatment response,
  • Disease monitoring,
  • Detection of minimal residual disease after surgery,
  • Patient stratification,
  • Early detection and profiling of resistance to therapy.

The broad Liquid Biopsy product portfolio allows CeGaT to support your project optimally, independent of your clinical or research question. Benefit from the capabilities of our Liquid Biopsy product portfolio:

  • LB Target: Specific tumor variants can be tracked during therapy using digital droplet PCR (ddPCR).
  • LB Focus: The LB Focus panel allows for highly sensitive monitoring and follow-up of cancer patients during and after therapy.
  • LB Exploratory: enables comprehensive genomic profiling of the tumor and, moreover, the evaluation of key immuno-oncology biomarkers like TMB (Tumor Mutational Burden).
  • LB Flex: Using LB Flex for cfDNA analysis, you have the possibility to use a whole-exome approach or a CeGaT panel of choice.

We would be happy to discuss all options and support you in planning your clinical trial or research project. Your project will benefit from our long-standing expertise in the diagnostic field and, thus, strict quality standards, as well as practical knowledge.

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