Liquid Biopsies – CeGaT’s CancerDetect Panel Detects Minimal Amounts of Cell-Free Tumor DNA

CeGaT’s CancerDetect panel opens up a new possibility for molecular genetic tumor analyses. CeGaT’s unique, highly sensitive liquid biopsy panel detects variants starting at a NAF (novel allele frequency) of 0.25% and thus detects even the smallest amounts of cell-free tumor DNA. The CancerDetect panel detects variants known to be driver mutations in 36 genes relevant to a broad spectrum of tumor entities. Due to the uncomplicated sample collection, CeGaT’s CancerDetect-Panel is particularly suitable for monitoring the course of disease under therapy as well as for the follow-up of a tumor disease in addition to imaging methods.

Molecular genetic tumor diagnostics determine the genetic profile of the tumor tissue as standard. The required tumor tissue usually has to be removed invasively (biopsy or surgery). For some patients, this procedure can be very risky or not feasible at all. In these cases, liquid biopsy analysis offers a solution approach, since only a blood sample is required.

CeGaT is able to detect variants in the enriched target regions from an allele frequency of 0.25% with the CancerDetect panel. This is extremely sensitive. The sensitivity is made possible by a new UMI-based (unique molecular identifier) method and very deep sequencing.

Case study: CeGaT’s CancerDetect panel aids patients with non-biopsy tumors in therapy selection

Thanks to CeGaT’s highly sensitive CancerDetect panel, therapy-relevant variants could be found in a 42-year-old female patient with non-small cell lung cancer and a cell-free tumor DNA content in the blood of less than 2%. Screening with CeGaT’s CancerDetect panel revealed an activating EGFR missense variant with an allele frequency of 1.4%. Based on this result, the patient was able to start treatment with Osimertinib (trade name Tagrisso).

Real-time monitoring with CancerDetect

The collection of a blood sample for liquid biopsy testing can be performed in an uncomplicated and repeatable manner. Therefore, CeGaT’s CancerDetect panel is suitable for monitoring and follow-up of cancer patients. A recurrence of a tumor or metastases can be detected at the earliest possible stage through close-meshed analyses. In addition, CeGaT’s CancerDetect panel helps physicians detect resistances caused by subclonal mutations at an early stage, which allows treatment to be adjusted in time.

We aim to make comprehensive diagnostics based on the latest research findings accessible and, as a result, to offer a high-quality and always up-to-date basis for therapy decisions.

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