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New Service: Online Genetic Consultation

CeGaT’s online genetic consultation service offers patients the opportunity to receive consultation from a consultant clinical geneticist. The online genetic consultation is aimed at both patients and their relatives who fear that they themselves are carriers of a hereditary disease. Expectant parents can use the online genetic consultation to determine the probability of passing on a genetic variant.

The purpose of the online genetic consultation is to discuss and clarify diverse human genetic issues. This concerns, in particular, the following areas:

  • Paediatric genetics
  • Oncogenetics
  • Reproductive genetics and
  • Neurogenetics

Of course, we also provide consultation in other familial conditions or diseases as well as in all questions of medical genetics.

Dr. med. Schell-Apacik is consultant clinical geneticist. In addition to various positions at the Children’s Center in Munich, he also worked at the Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia. He also practiced as a consultant clinical geneticist in Berlin and took over the medical management of the Medicover Berlin- Westend MVZ, also in Berlin.

The online genetic consultation includes:

  • A detailed discussion with a consultant clinical geneticist
  • Clarification of the question and the aim of the consultation
  • Evaluation of the submitted medical findings
  • A structured anamnesis of the family and medical history, including the creation of a pedigree over 3 generations as well as the recording of the previous course of the disease
  • An assessment of genetic risks
  • Detailed counseling on the possible significance of this information for life and family planning
  • If necessary, the initiation of genetic laboratory tests

The procedure of the online genetic consultation:

To guarantee the best possible quality of the online genetic consultation, CeGaT recommends submitting important documents in advance.  FTAPI SecuPass technology, which encrypts all data end-to-end, is used for secure data transfer.

CeGaT’s consultant clinical geneticist evaluates the documents and contacts persons seeking advice to make an appointment. An online genetic consultation lasts 1.5 hours, although in exceptional cases, the consultation may take longer. A genetic examination following the online genetic consultation is not obligatory and only takes place upon explicit request. If the person seeking advice is interested in genetic testing after the consultation, the blood required for this can be drawn on-site by the supervising specialist or family doctor and sent to CeGaT.

After completion of the genetic diagnostics, patients receive a medical report that contains all relevant findings as well as the results of the counseling session.

CeGaT determines together with the person seeking advice to determine individually which tests are necessary and supports the person seeking advice in weighing up possible risks and therapy options.

Further information on online genetic consultation.