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Watch Our Free Webinar with Hamilton Robotics: “Automating NGS Workflows for Precision Medicine-Oncology.”

The concept of precision medicine has gained a lot of attention within the last years, especially regarding cancer patients’ treatment. NGS can help to further advance the field and make a real difference for researchers, physicians, and ultimately, for patients.

The focus of this webinar is CeGaT’s experience in automating NGS workflows for personalized medicine in the field of oncology. Learn more about our motivation and approach to automating our library preparation workflows and get to know the latest trends and developments in the field of precision medicine. Using examples from practice, we will present the importance and opportunities of NGS in this context. Find out more in our webinar with Hamilton Robotics on May 6, 2021.

Speakers & content:

Dr. Elisabeth Maritschnegg, Product Manager Oncology at CeGaT GmbH

Dr. Gabriela Boza-Moran, Scientific Content Manager at Hamilton Robotics

Dr. Elisabeth Maritschnegg will describe the drivers behind the need for automating CeGaT’s NGS workflows and the benefits of their current automated systems. Moreover, she will illustrate the benefits of CeGaT’s genomic services through two case studies.

At the conclusion of the webinar, Dr. Gabriela Boza-Moran will present some of the commercial solutions that Hamilton Robotics can provide to customers using NGS in Precision Medicine-Oncology studies.

Watch our free webinar

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